Drew is the co-founder of Seek One and grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. Drew grew up hunting and fishing with his family, but started taking bowhunting seriously when he discovered an urban whitetail honey hole below a neighborhood pond he used to fish in high school. Drew and Lee began hunting this urban honey hole every chance they got and their passion for urban hunting was born.

In 2014, with inspiration from the show Heartland Bowhunter and the Donnie Vincent film “The Rivers Divide”, Drew had the vision to start filming their urban hunting adventures. At the time, Lee was chasing a massive 9 pointer named “Charlie,” so Drew bought a camera and taught himself how to film and edit. Lee connected on Charlie late in 2015 and Seek One was born. Drew has a passion for creativity, whether it’s in video production, apparel design, branding, or business ideas. Drew currently runs most production and business operations at Seek One.