Lee is the co-founder of Seek One and hails from the suburbs of Atlanta. Lee didn’t grow up in a hunting family, but spent much of his childhood years bass fishing. After meeting Drew in middle school and learning to bow hunt in that first urban honey hole, Lee’s obsession for hunting was born. Lee picked up bowhunting quickly, and began branching out, honing his craft for knocking on doors and landing permission all across the city.

Lee has a knack for always finding the biggest buck in the area and putting the puzzle pieces together on how to harvest him. Lee has taken what he’s learned in Atlanta and has successfully applied it all across the country on giant whitetails. It’s safe to say that Lee is one of the most accomplished whitetail hunters in the country and has put together an extremely impressive trophy room. Lee is a prime example of what dedication…and maybe a little luck… in the whitetail woods can bring you if you’re willing to put in the work.